No shame in saying that I felt a loneliness drifting through me. Funny how it was, everyone perched in their own little world with the deep need to talk, each person with their own tale, beginning in some strange middle point, then trying so hard to tell it all, to have it all make sense, logical and final.

Colum McCann Let the Great World Spin

Principle designer of MARGOT, lead story coach and writer, Margaret Almdale’s story starts in Indiana, where she was born and raised and grew up learning to love the sound of her father’s voice as he read her The Hobbit. From Tolkien to Laura Ingalls Wilder and Wallace Stegner, she learned what good literature, good writing and good storytelling was. She left Indiana to attend Hope College, on the shore of Lake Michigan, pursuing a degree in Creative Writing, Art and Communication. Later, after a subsequent move to Maine, she finished an MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Program, in which she worked with authors Rick Bass, Susan Conley, Jaed Coffin and Suzanne Strempek-Shea. Her time in Maine brought many skills—from gardening for the Rockefellers to making bagels in a hipster-holistic bakery, to partnering with wizard lookalikes making tasty soups in a soup kitchen, she began to foster experience-making, the art of living, of story-making. A life well-lived is a story created, and to thrive is to remain in relationship. Through storytelling, Margaret believes that we continue the most beautiful part of living: sharing laughter, joys, even pains. Every story contains conflict. Every story contains truth, and a hope for something. Margaret has learned how to tell such a story. Have you? Maybe she can help.