Determination and using your own voice really does get you published. Take a look:


Click here to read the opening excerpt of an essay published by Aethlon: The Journal of Sport LiteratureWritten in 2011 and published the following year, the essay tells a story of an identity shaped by basketball, adolescence, and deafness. "Body Talk" is a nonfiction essay about a father, a daughter, and an uncle. 


Margaret Almdale’s first article for ‘Off the Page,’ "Home is Not a Place," was published on June 19, 2015. Writing about her misplaced identity as a Hoosier living in Downeast Maine, she established her position as a writer obsessed with understanding community, discovering the nature of home, and living life for a greater purpose than herself.

The Moment

In 2009, Almdale spent three months living in York, England, taking classes at YSJ University in Shakespearean literature, Media Studies, and British History. She began to take notes, publishing them in "The Moment." She wrote about British culturefinding joy in the moment, and serving God in a world she didn't think she'd ever quite "get."