It's me, Maggie. 


It all started when...

I moved to Maine in 2012 and began working on Cadillac Mountain, in a gift shop without a view. I sold trinkets to tourists from Maine, Montana and Greece, but I hadn't found home yet--so I got a job in a bakery, then at a YMCA, then at a garden that could copy as Frances Hodgson Burnett's secret garden, and then? I moved back to the Midwest. And that's where I am now, ready to pick up the reins of my life and head where the sun seems likely to be shinin'. 

But who am I? I'm a twenties-something woman with an MFA in Creative Writing, a knack for making sausage, a dream to own a dog and a bug in me to play basketball. Also, I hate taking selfies. (For proof, see above). I'm from a Mennonite background on my mother's side, a Norwegian heritage on my father's, and I'm tall. I don't think I descend from Erik the Red, but I do have a brother named Eric. Does that count? We've got warrior tendencies within us: we like to work hard, and rest hard, and eat. A lot. We like good food. 

But more than that, we (I) like good conversation, good music, good views, good long walks, good feelings and good people. I pursue goodnessfinding it in others and building it up inside me.