The (up to) Three step process:




Send 10 pages of a manuscript/material you’re currently working on, along with non-refundable consultation fee, and we’ll talk in a week or less about your strengths, areas to work on, and whether you want to move forward—and what that process will look like! i.e.: how long of a plan, your goals, and MARGOT’s coaching responsibilities



OPTION 1: One-Time Review (5$ /page)

You receive a full review of your project/manuscript, or materials. This review will include complete structural, plot, content development, character development, and coaching suggestions for the future. (Line and copy edits additionally available for 2.50$ /page).

OPTION 2: Select a longer-term commitment (below).


long-term options

3 MONTH: ($750); 6 MONTH: ($1400); 12 MONTH: ($2750) Fees agreed upon at start and can be paid at once or in increments. For example, with her 3-month plan, Angela pays 250$ each month; at a 12-month plan, Matt pays 1375$ twice, once at the start and once after six months.

INDEFINITE: ($250/mo)

MARGOT coaching will give you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly accountability based on the project’s demands and your commitment and availability. Manuscript review includes direction on: structural, character and plot development, stylistic, voice and tone development. We’ll have conversations via email, Skype or phone to discuss how things are going and concerns or questions you have concerning your work. MARGOT will supply you with a strengths and weaknesses assessment, prompts, ideas for progression, and tips on time management. What you give, you will get. Your commitment will receive a return.

(Additional close line-editing and copy editing upon request. One-time: 2.50$/page; Long-Term: 50$/mo