The Accidental Tourist

Hey all, so I failed again! (And I'm not even upset about it!) Turns out that having a busy life is actually quite fulfilling--even with the stresses that inevitably come with a full-time job and all the other necessary errands. Add on a half-substantial social life, and pow: NO TIME TO READ. 

Truth is: I didn't make the time. 


Not to say that The Accidental Tourist, written by Anne Tyler and published by Ballantine in 1985, isn't an enjoyable book. Because it is. Sort of. Or at least I think that it's going to be. 

Here's the premise of the book: An excessively organized man and his slightly-more-spontaneous wife live comfortably together in their home when all of a sudden their son dies when he's off at some summer camp. The hammer falls, and the couple's life is broken apart. The husband, Macon, a tour-guide writer, keeps the house and their son's dog, Edward, while the wife goes off to a small, downtown apartment. Then follows the sorry life of Single-Man-Macon and Edward. 

Edward bites. We find this out when Macon takes him to the Meow-Bow Animal Hospital, where eccentric dog trainer Muriel Pritchett takes to Edward immediately. 

Muriel is the star of the show. That's obvious. The question is what happens from pages 100 to 329. I don't know yet, but I imagine I'll find out by Friday (or hopefully before then). 

That's all I've got tonight, everyone. Happy living. 

next week's book: it's a surprise. To you and me both.